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Lucia Tatulli

About Pregnancy and more. Why? Because I Know, that some of you visit my website from other countries. So I decided to translate some of my thought in English. I hope this’ll be good and sorry if my English isn’t perfect.

Welcome, I intoduce myself: I’m Lucia, I’m a midwife for 30 years. Before I worked in hospital and now I perform my profession in Consultorio Famigliare.

IMG-20140824-WA0000I’ve met and kwon many women, so many pregnant women and many moms and dads: I grew up with them.

Without any pretension I want to offer my knowledge, my advices, informations, and why not? Even talk!

Excuse me if my English isn’t the best in the world!!!



When a couple was about to have a child, it’d be before conception both partners should have examinations and checks. Among these will be assessed, for example, human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV); blood type ( A B O group) and Rh factor.

While you do these checks, it’s also controlled medical history (anamnesis) of the families of the couple.

It’s very important ask or investigate if in family medical history there’re allergies, heart disease or hereditary diseases, if there’s diabets or hypertension. And also it’s good investigate about twin pregnancies or birth defects.

After these questions, the focus ‘s on the future mother: infectious diseases in the past, eating habits, obstetric and gynecological history.

I think it’s very important (before pregnancy starts) to know following test:


RubeoTest: if the future mom isn’t immunized against Rubella, she’ll do the vaccination and she’ll and she can’t be in pregnancy at  least for three months.

Cytomegalovirus: CMV ‘s a member of herpes virus family. there’s no vaccine for this desease so it’s better to know before pregnancy the immune situation of the woman.

Toxotest: Toxoplasmosis‘s a parasitic disease that in a healty person doesn’t give symptoms, but it’s dangerous for fetus. Ther’s no vaccination. This test is used to detect a current or past infection.  So, if your test’s negative how can you prevent toxoplasmosis?  Wash your hands before preparing food. Don’t eat cured meat. Always wash fruits and vegetables. If you’re gardening wear gloves. If you’ve a cat use gloves to empty the litter tray.


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