Artificial baby milk – formula

papà con biberonArtificial baby milk – formula : every day new mothers ask me, every day I talk about so let me begin with a thought of mine: a woman isn’t less-mom because she’snt breastfeeding. Mothers with Formula milk are mothers as the other.

There’re many reasons why the mother may want to choose formula milk:

The baby has a weak sucking reflex (preterm infants as example).

Breastfeeding particularly painful for the mother.

Estrangement period mom-baby.

Maternal health disease that require drugs incompatible with brestfeeding.

Brest ducts surgical resection.

Mom has to go back to work (few weeks after delivery) and still other reasons.

It’s essential that mom’s choice (or parents) to resort artificial baby milk or the inability to brestfeed must be respected without judging. It’s well known and all the people confirm breastfeeding represents the best choice, the best solution for the new born, but formula milk is a good alternative.

Artificial feeding (formula milk) can begin at birth or be supplemented after few weeks or days. If the new mother has doubts about this choice, we should always separete the medical reasons from psyco-emotional and motivational reasons. The most important for the newborn is that feels  loved and cared.

Love, care and security can be trasmitted from mom to the baby also with the biberon. Some women feel guilty if they don’t brestfeed! There’snt a problem: you’ll still bond with your baby just fine. After all, whether with brest milk or formula, feeding’s an important time between mother and baby. Always!!bimbo con pelle mamma

When formula time arrives, make sure you’re sitting confortably, enjoy holding your baby and looking into their eyes as you feed them. Bottle feeding time is a chance to feel close to the baby and get to know them. Always give the baby plenty of time to feed. Mom and baby should not be in a hurry.

I hope that my English isn’t terrible, I wrote this only because I don’t want in the world there’re Moms category A and moms category Z.

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