come-allattare-dopo-un-parto-cesareoBONDING is an emotional process, physical, hormonal, is to allow the creation of a bond, an intimate and spiritual space.

J.Kennel and M. Klaus  were the first to publish something about BONDING after in-depth study of this process.
The English word BONDING means link, tie and was coined more than thirty years ago to define that special bond and indissoluble joining mother and son, father and son forever.
The BONDING begins to be already in the pre-natal and consolidated at birth and then potenziarsi throughout the first year of life. Creates the basis for future attachment relationship between parent and child, and for all subsequent social relationships and emotional future of the child. It seems evident that it is very important that in the first hours after birth the dyad (motherchild) or the triad (mom, dad and child) can find an intimate space and its own private moment, such as to allow the intimacy that can create a special bond.
The birth and this special relationship may be influenced by several factors that surround the events: the environment of the delivery room, the type of birth, the behavior of those present.
The child, at birth, when it is not separated from its mother, its active endogenous resources as imprinting and bonding is a perfect synchronicity that is established. The newborn begins to orientate through his senses: listen to the voice of the mother, it can smell and crawling know and can get to the nipple. The baby needs to not break away from the mother who has just given birth.
But the bonding is important not only for the baby: mother also needs to not be separated from her child. This need isn’t only suggested by pure maternal instinct but also by a series of hormonal changes. At this time the  oxytocin is the main hormone! In the first half hour after birth the levels of oxytocin reach their peak and facilitate the expulsion of the placenta (afterbirth) and help of  the beginning of breastfeeding. Together oxytocin in the mother increases the levels of endorphins, hormones of humor that will ensure that even the painful moment of birth can be remembered as a beautiful, unique and extraordinary.mamma mucca con vitello


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