Informations about folic acid

Molecola Acido folicoInformations about folic acid. You ask me why?

I’m not a doctor, I’m a midwife: so I love pregnancy, I love women and babies. For these reasons I think is important give informations about folic acid.

Folic acid‘s a water-soluble vitamin of B group (B9) required for all the reactions of synthesis, repair and methylation of DNA and other important reactions, especially when they’re involved intense period of cell division in the event of rapid growth. That’s why both children and adults require folic acid to produce red blood cells and prevent anemia.

We have the daily requirerent of vitamin B9 witha diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, but during pregnancy that isn’t enough, because the body needs more folic acid.

It’s a long time that folic acid has been recognized as essential for reducing the risk of having a child with Spina Bifida or/and Anencephaly, so called neural tube defects or NTD. It’s also help to reduce the risk of other congenital malformations: Lip and Palate malformations (cleft-lip) and some heart diseases.

In many countries folic acid is used to fortify flour food. This is practice that is the addition of folic acid in flour food; the fortification has reduced so absolutely certain and extremely marked the incidence of some birth dfects, particularly those affecting the central nervous system NTDs.pane 1

With these informations, it’s rigth that, when a woman decides her pregnancy, will be strongly recommended to take folic acid of 400 mcg daily already in the period before the conception. The prevention of birth defects, especially neural tube defects involve the taking of folic acid in the doses provided, at least one month before conception up to three month after the beginning of pregnancy.

I hope these informations’ll be important for you. Sorry if my English’s so bad!!!

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