Sexuality in puerperium

Sexuality in puerperium? New Moms ask me. Yes you can! When you feel you can!coppia a letto con neonato

Sexuality in puerperium is a subject, a situation that the couple is facing after birth of a child.

The Birth: the arrival of a newborn! It’s a wonderful event that can revolutionize the lives of the couple and mix existing balances before the birth. It’s the birth of a new family and it must find new ones.

What is puerperium? The puerperium starts one to two houres after the expulsion of the placenta This is the postnatal period of the woman’s life, which begins immediately after birth and ends when the conditions of female genitalia (anatomical and functional) have returned to the pre-pregnancy. Conventionally, this period is about six weeks.

Puerperium is a period of great changes in woman’s life, in physiological, psychological and socio-cultural terms.

During this time, woman may feel less erotic and seductive capacity, tissues tone can’t be more perfect and she’s tired. The new mother sees herself in the mirror and sometimes her feeling is ” ohhh my body”.

The modifications of bodily and hormonal order than occur during the postpartum period are widely known. However, what women’s experiences and feelings are, as well as how they deal with these changes, all of which are related to their subjectivity and their perception of their own bodies, needs new insights so that quality care can be given to women in this period.

The Postpartum sexual changes and adjustment may be not easy to discuss, often on depends by a woman’s culture or her experience before pregnancy. One of the aspects to be considered is the possibility of perineal trauma which can be spontaneus or when an episiotomy is performed. The most frequently reasons for poor postpartum sexual adjustment include episiotomy disconfort, vaginal blendig or discharge, pain, insufficient lubrification, fears of awakening the infant or not hearing him/her and decreased senses of attractiveness.

Another aspect we have to considered is the effect of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding may negatively affect sexual desire. The effect of lactation on hormone levels offers one explanation, because estrogen levels decline durig breastfeeding. Decreased estrogen may indirectly affect sexual interest by decreasing vaginal lubrification, which can lead to pain with intercourse. The use of water-based vaginal lubricant can reduce disconfort during intercourse. Vaginal moisturizers also can relieve vaginal dryness and pain.

padre con neonatoFathers! New Dads! Sexuality in puerperium to new dads. Really I know this is a difficult period for you.

Celebrate with her, be good to her. Bring her a snack or a drink (water is better) while she breasfeeds, rub down her shoulders afterward, hug har often.

Important, very important: be patient when it comes to sex. You will live to love again, it might just take a while. At first you’ll need the practitioner’s green light, but that may come weeks before her, which may still be yellow or red. Ask her what feels good, what hurts,what can you do to help. Ohhh if during “your meeting” you can swim in breast milk don’t be surprised: laugh about it.coppia pinguini


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